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Hello I'm Pearl/london/milliner I'm originally from manchester I'm studying embroidery at the royal school of needle work in hampton court. I'm a pretty happy person I get over excited alot but most of the time I'm pretending to be cynical and sarcastic. Secretly I'm a Romantic at heart! I just want to go back to the days of glamour and seamed stockings. I love pin curls David Niven original 40s womens wear gin and tonic records stitching and reading. abit more than that but ask and you will find out as I do enjoy a good natter!  Angels Online
this evening attire and hair and new dress!

this evening attire and hair 
and new dress!

Saturday Jul 7 @ 03:59pm
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tagged as: 1940s style. ginger hair. 1940s hair. vintage. vintage hair. off out. personal.

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